Twitter Marketing

Micro Publications with Collaboration and Influence

Not just a twitter account setup, but a foundation for the future!

We create an account, provide it with all the standard stuff; a picture, a bio, a url, etc. Then we supercharge its growth, developing topic based tweets and feeds that are related to everything that represents you and your brand! We use our software to find like minded people and or clients that tweet about all the same things that you care or sell about. The account goes into overdrive developing people to follow, getting others to follow you back. Uses introductions (DM) to promote your brand and grow. This service makes sure that even if you’re having a low key day, your account is not, networking and publishing with the best Twitter has to offer!

Twitter-Based Curated Content & The Tweeted Times help you to take any specific interest or niche, and create an easy to manage and read newspaper out of the chosen keywords or hash tags you have designated.

  • reduce cost spent on data mining for your topic and brand.
  • build social media relationships with those you pull content from.
  • gain valuable information about topics relevant to your business.
  • implement into your content marketing campaigns.

Twitter Advertising – Managed

  • Targeting & Optimization
  • Promoted Accounts & Promoted Tweets
  • Setup
  • Monitoring
  • Per Follow Costs

Twitter Marketing (Active Response Platform)

PCG uses a real time targeted twitter marketing engine that will find people talking on Twitter about your chosen topic and location, allowing us to really hit your target mid conversation with ease. We’ll use software that searches Twitter for you and generates a list of the best tweets for us to respond to on your behalf. We’ll monitor your marketing campaigns CPC with link tracking (with a average CPC of less than $0.05) and we’ll help you so you never miss a Twitter lead again!


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