Traditional Marketing

There is no one way to increase market visibility. Methods that are proven do not lose their value overnight, and it’s hard to argue that anything is more powerful then old fashion “word of mouth”. In addition to the digital solutions that are offered we get into some of the traditional and even some nontraditional methods that are not digital. In fact traditional marketing strategies are imporant tools to bridge marketing traditional into digital.

The Business Card they’ll never forget!

In a world that has become more and more digital, don’t just get a card, get a tool that excites the senses. The business card may be the last traditional marketing and networking tool to survive the digital age. Make sure the last tangible item you use is one that looks, feels and possibly even smells of success! Experience the elegance of a Taste of Ink!

Good old print is an example, here are some examples of work done by the Puglisi Consulting Group for clients.


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