Social Media Marketing

Facebook Apps (Custom Pages)

Create a user experience for your brand! Provide Video that talks to your service or product, make the page experience a consistent brand but unique design. Engage with people about topics and causes beyond the service and product you sell.

Includes Custom Designed App for your business, product or service. This 800 x 1000 pp design can be fully interactive, place videos, active links, Paypal shopping buttons, coupons and more. These custom apps for facebook provide a more effective and professional brand image for you facebook visitors. With Facebook Advertising you can take advantage of the platform to micro target you ideal demographics! Target only the poeple you want, tageting gets as detailed as age, sex, income, relationship status and more!

Twitter Automation and Management

Micro Publications with Collaboration and Influence

Not just a twitter account setup, but a foundation for the future!

We create an account, provide it with all the standard stuff; a picture, a bio, a url, etc. Then we supercharge its growth, developing topic based tweets and feeds that are related to everything that represents you and your brand! We use our software to find like minded people and or clients that tweet about all the same things that you care or sell about. The account goes into overdrive developing people to follow, getting others to follow you back. Uses introductions (DM) to promote your brand and grow. This service makes sure that even if you’re having a low key day, your account is not, networking and publishing with the best Twitter has to offer!

LinkedIn Optimization & Engagement

LinkedIn is a free business and social network which was built on the idea that personal recommendations in today’s global village is was people really need. Hence, they created a way for people to connect on a professional level, and create a circle of acquaintances, or Connections as they are called. Somewhere, in the people you invite to connect with you, there is a connection to another circle and group of people you might know as well or want to connect with. That is called 2nd degree connections, and from here on, it can grow exponentially.   From this network people can receive personal recommendations, look for employees and search for jobs. LinkedIn has a privacy policy wherein all the connections have to be mutually agreed, so no unwanted connections will be formed.   With over 100 million users, from 200 countries around the world, available in many languages, LinkedIn is a force to be reckoned with.

Google Plus

Google+ a social platform with SEO implications that you can’t ignore. Profile setup, optimization and support for growing circles, developing strategies to earn a +1 for your posts, page and more. Google+ also features a system for events and Google events is a great tool for before, during and after for visibility, inbound marketing and more.

Content Marketing (Blogs)

A the heart of Digital and Social Media success is the creator, not the poster! Social Media Success comes from the conversation and sources for great content, blogs have many advantages.

#1 – The blog makes you the source!

It is show not tell! This proves that you know understand and stay up to date on your subject!

#2 – The blog provides SEO rich content!

The Search Engines are looking for genuine content so help their clients find what they are looking for. A blog provides updated and fresh content with a better picture of what your website or content is about. This increases the likely hood that you will be seen on search results.

#3 – It is the beginning stages of viral activity in Social Media!

The blog is an opportunity to provide information that will allow the general public, to learn, laugh, cry, etc. The content is original so the likely hood of it being shared increases.


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