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Websites are the hub of any digital property, your website is the center for business or organizational development. The website is the cornerstone of inbound marketing and should be a content hub for all the activity and opportunities the business or organization provide or seek out.

A website needs to, promote content that in turn creates leads and converts visitors into customers. The site needs more then Search Engine Optimization it needs retention strategies and conversion techniques.

The websites we provide can be set at any price point, we work with and use WordPress (PHP, SQL), SiteMaker (Flash & HTML), Wix (HTML5) and others to find a solution to fit your budget. While it is ideal to customize a site for branding and marketing, it is often more cost effective to spend your resources for conversions and advertising in a particular target demographic. That said, there is a solution for every budget.

The process for creating a successful website is as follows:

  • Wire Frame or Content
  • Design & Layout
  • Execution
  • Hosting

Example of Sitemaker Sites (Flash, HTML Mobile) by PCG:




Example of WordPress sites built with StudioPress by PCG:


Example of StudioPress Templates with demo:

(StudioPress Runs on the Genesis Framwork)





PCG is not a website company, it’s a Digital Brand Marketing Consultancy that works with the best resources and services to provide value and purpose to each digital product it can provide or optimize. PCG does and will launch your website, but the consulting services are from a branding and marketing process not a programmer. Small and medium size businesses often spend a large sum of money on overpriced sites that don’t have a business or marketing plan that fits their brand, PCG develops websites with purpose so you see a positive ROI.


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