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Puglisi Consulting Group is a Constant Contact Vendor as part of the Partner Program, which gives us access to one of the most effective and respected platforms in the industry. We also work with local experts to refine and optimize campaigns. Constant Contact provides us training and techniques to help keep our clients at the cutting edge.


Email Marketing is Inexpensive: Email is far less expensive on a cost-per-contact basis than other advertising options, including banner ads, print advertising, and telemarketing.

Email Marketing creates Quick Response Cycles: Email cuts response times down from as much as six to eight weeks for direct mail to as little as 48 hours in most cases.

Email Marketing Campaign Results are Measurable: Campaign success can be measured using software designed to record responses or sales that are attributable to email marketing efforts. Reports can be generated on the number of emails opened by your recipients (open-ups) and the number of times your embedded links were clicked (click-through). By being able to quantify the success of campaigns while in progress, marketers can quickly adjust strategies to strengthen response rates.

Email Marketing Has Wide Reach: Email is the most widely used facet of the Internet and is part of many people’s daily routine. It is a communication medium with an exceptionally large audience that allows recipients to immediately act on messages.

Email Marketing Drives Web Site Traffic and Registration: Email is an effective way of driving people to your Web site. Links may be embedded within messages, quickly directing customers to your site. With any luck, this increased Web site traffic will then lead to increased Web site registration. You may then follow up by providing your customers with personalized and targeted content. Email Strengthens Brand Awareness and Builds Customer Relationships Regularly delivered email messages that contain properly titled subject lines and logos reinforce company and product awareness. Email creates an interactive connection with customers and nurtures long-lasting, quality relationships.

Email Marketing Can Be Highly Customized: When email lists work together with customer databases, even large-volume campaigns can be customized so that messages include specific customer data. Database integration also allows select customer groups to receive messages appropriate for only a portion of database entries (for example, ZIP Code-, gender-, or income-based mailings can be easily selected and targeted for delivery).

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