Content Marketing

White Papers, Videos and InfoGraphs are great marketing tools, especially when combined with advertising. Consider how much more successful a travel company will have with a target content paper for “10 Things You Need to Know When Traveling to [Destination]” when they are trying to advertise on Facebook, or a International Car service will get with a LinkedIn Ad, “4 Tips for Low Cost Luxury Business Class Upgrades”.

Content Creation & Purpose

A the heart of Social Media success is the creator, not the poster!

Social Media Success comes from the conversation and sources for great content, blogs have many advantages.

#1 – The blog makes you the source!

It is show not tell! Your industry has a story to tell, the things you do, how you do them. The services are content rich with text, photos, video and/or audio that allows consumers to connect with you or your brand. If you’re and industry professional, this proves that you know, understand and stay up to date on your subject!

#2 – The blog provides SEO rich content!

The Search Engines are looking for genuine content so help their clients find what they are looking for. A blog provides updated and fresh content with a better picture of what your website or content is about. This increases the likely hood that you will be seen on search results.

#3 – It is the beginning stages of viral activity in Social Media!

The blog is an opportunity to provide information that will allow the general public, to learn, laugh, cry, etc. The content is original so the likely hood of it being shared increases. Use this content to connect to an emotion and let the social networks carry and promote your content everywhere.

Why Blogs work!

Puglisi Consulting Group’s President is Basil C. Puglisi, who also serves as the Executive Director of Digital Ethos. Digital Ethos is a nonprofit publication, but it also reinforces each authors position as professionals in their field, professionals who stay on top of the changing trends and technology in Digital, Brand and Marketing. People who want to know more don’t ask the person who posted it on Facebook or tweeted it, they ask the creator!

Influencer Marketing

When you hear the phrase digital provides data, it’s not just a post campaign advantage. Klout, Peer Index, Kred and others have developed marketing software that tracks influencers. The open and free data provided by these companies can help you plan an outreach program for content, press and events. The practice of influencer marketing is based on using data to find the people who actually have the most “influence” on your target market. While we can use companies like Klout to develop target marketing specific to your audience we can also do this through low cost strategies allowing us to spend money on hitting 1,000 people in your target in a manner that comes from someone they trust or are familiar with instead of blanket marketing 100,000 of the mob.

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